Users of mod_accessibility should upgrade to libxml2 version 2.5.10. This fixes bugs in earlier versions that can in some cases have a severe impact on performance.


mod_accessibility is a fully automatic aid to making websites more accessible. It serves to improve Websites and Intranets for everyone:

It can be used with any Apache 2.0 server, and works as an output filter, transforming documents as they leave the server. This means it can be used with any content-generation software (such as CGI, PHP, mod_xml, or as a proxy server with mod_proxy) without any need for special configuration. It will of course also work with other output filters, such as an XSLT, character encoding, or encryption (SSL) modules.


mod_accessibility is known to run on Linux and FreeBSD. Other platforms are considered experimental.

Obtaining mod_accessibility

mod_accessibility is a commercial product of WebThing Ltd. Evaluation copies are available here for supported platforms. Please contact us to purchase the full unrestricted product, and tell us what operating system you are using.


We are pleased to offer an Evaluation Copy for download for selected platforms. This is fully functional, except in that it will always insert a banner identifying itself in every page served. You may use this to evaluate mod_accessibility on your own server (feedback is always appreciated). Note that you'll have to rename the download to

Try it now!

Server Trial

mod_accessibility is running at Site Valet, with a range of dynamic contents.

Proxy Trial

mod_accessibility is running as a proxy on this server (so you can read any HTML page on the web through it). It is free for personal use. See here for details.

Reverse Proxy Trial

We also have it running as a reverse proxy, demonstrating an accessibility-enhanced mirror on selected domains. See our reverse proxy page for details.

Further Information

For more general and background information, please see the feature article.