Configuration Directives

The basic configuration directives for mod_accessibility are the standard Apache filter commands: SetOutputFilter, AddOutputFilter, AddOutputFilterByType, RemoveOutputFilter. These are documented in the standard Apache manual pages. When using mod_accessibility in a Proxy, you'll have to use SetOutputFilter (that's not a problem, as it will remove itself when presented with non-HTML contents).


mod_accessibility won't process compressed HTML. When using mod_accessibility in a proxy, you should always disable negotiation of Content-Encoding with the directive
RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding

mod_accessibility Directives

The following directives may be used anywhere in httpd.conf or a .htaccess file. These optional directives give you further flexibility in configuring mod_accessibility.

HTML (default) or XHTML.
Use this to cause mod_accessibility to generate either HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 output.
START, END (default) or OFF.
Where to put the accessibility toolbar. Note that smart clients don't need the toolbar, so this only applies to normal clients. OFF is intended for pages such as form submissions, where it might be inappropriate to resubmit (the toolbar is always suppressed in pages that are generated by HTTP methods other than GET).
YES (default) or NO.
Whether to set the tabindex attribute in the accessibility toolbar links.
Syntax AccessibilityView View Option
The first argument is any of the views supported. The second argument takes values ON (default), OFF, or any single character. If set to OFF, the view is not available. If set to a single character, this will be used to set the accesskey attribute to the toolbar link for that option.
AccessibilityHTTPTimeout [milliseconds]
Sets a timeout on HTTP requests to other servers, for when mod_accessibility fetches included contents or looks up link titles. For details, see the discussion of HTTP support in the setup page.
AccessibilityAddHandler handler-name[,handler-name]*
By default, mod_accessibility works with the "text/html" handler (used by Apache to serve static HTML pages), or when no handler is set. This directive adds other handlers, such as cgi-script (to process CGI-generated markup).
AccessibilityDefaultView view
Sets the default view to serve to users when no preference is indicated.
AccessibilityURLMap from to
Rewrites URLs in pages served. This is primarily for use in a reverse proxy situation where, for example, pages may contain absolute URLs that are not accessible and/or not valid from outside an intranet. This is functionally identical to the ProxyHTMLURLMap directive discussed more fully in the mod_proxy_html page.
AccessibilityVar name [file|inline] contents
Defines a "variable". When mod_accessibility encounters <name/> in a page, it will substitute it with a value either defined inline or the contents of a file. This serves a similar purpose to Server Side Includes (SSI).

Other Configuration

If you need something that's not yet available, it may or may not already be work-in-progress or planned. Please ask.