Options for Users

mod_accessibility presents users with a choice of views on a page. Users may switch freely between the different views to select whatever is best for a page: this will be particularly useful where a page contains useful information but presents it in a manner the user finds problematic.

In the current implementation, mod_accessibility adds a page views toolbar to each page, with quick tabbed-access. This can be configured to appear at the start or end of every page served, or in the head. Future enhancements will include a protocol for browsers to offer these choices to users as a browser function (taking it out of the page altogether), and a preferences page for the user to select a persistent default view.

Options are:

Asis View
Markup is tidied, and deprecated presentational markup is stripped. No other changes: frames are untouched.
Medium View
(formerly Standard View)
Markup is tidied, and deprecated presentational markup is stripped. Frames are expanded, with framed contents shown inline.
Noframes View
Similar to the medium view, but reduces frames to links, saving the overhead of retrieving the contents after the titles have been cached.
Full view
Similar to the medium view, but additionally provides titles for all links to aid navigation. Where a title is already provided this has no effect, but in other cases mod_accessibility fetches the linked page to check the title. Titles are cached, so the performance hit this causes happens once-only.
Betsie view
This emulates most of the features of the BBC betsie program:
  • Markup is tidied, and deprecated presentational markup is stripped.
  • All tables are linearised
  • Stylesheets and commented scripts are stripped
  • Images are replaced by their ALT attributes
  • Applets are removed altogether
  • Objects are not touched (in view of its treatment of images, applets, etc this may be an oversight in Betsie; we'll change if they do).
  • Frames are linearised (this is not strictly betsie-compatible)
Outline View
This generates a Table of Contents for the page from the heading elements (other important elements, such as tables and frames, may be included in a future revision). Useful as a quick overview and navigation aid.
Links View
This lists the links in the body of a page, showing the information most likely to serve accessibility in a links list:
  • The Destination URL of the link
  • The Title of the link
  • The link text from the page