If you find WebÞing's Open Source modules useful, please register here as a user. Registration entitles you to basic support, and makes a small contribution towards the time and effort that's gone in to writing these modules.


The form permits you to register as a user of a module. The donation is at your discretion, with a minimum of £50 (UKP) if you wish to take advantage of the support described on this page.

You may enter "All modules" and a payment of not less than £150 if you expect to make use of several such modules and don't wish to register them individually.

Note that all modules at this site are for Apache 2. If you have only Apache 1.x, you will not be able to use them.



We will issue you a registration number, and retain that to identify you as a registered user if and when you require support. We will not retain any other data identifying you: not even your email address unless you wish to register for email alerts of module updates.


I can no longer find the time to respond properly to every question. But for registered users, I will make the time where necessary to help answer your questions submitted by email, through the contact form or by 'phone.

Conversely, if you are not a registered user, there is no longer any expectation of a reply to general help/support requests.

Compiled Binaries

Compiled Binaries can be supplied on request to registered users. Maintaining these is quite a lot of work (especially for Windows), so I cannot supply them free of charge except to registered users.

An exception to this is mod_validator. This is written in C++ and has two large and complex external dependencies (OpenSP and Xerces-C), so binary-compatibility is not a realistic goal.


You can register here a user of any free module. But please bear in mind that not all free modules are of operational quality. The following summary should help you decide which modules represent good value. Those shown in green are recommended; those in amber are recommended but with caveats, while those in red are unlikely to represent value to you.

Works well for its designed purpose, but not designed to be particularly general-purpose.
Fully operational, though only likely to be of much use to developers.
mod_mysql_pool and mod_pg_pool
Superseded by mod_dbd_mysql and mod_dbd_pgsql.
mod_dbd_mysql and mod_dbd_pgsql
Superseded by the Apache DBD Framework now incorporated into Apache 2.2.
In widespread operational use.
In widespread operational use.
New and less tested than mod_proxy_html
Needs work to bring it up to date with mod_dbd.
Known to be incomplete and buggy.
Simple module, no possible problems.
See the webpage. Has issues with POST combined with HTTP keepalive.
Stable, and in operational use. Please note that this is not currently a complete form handler, because it discards some information coming not from the Form but from the browser. The information discarded is, however, at best unreliable due to erratic browser behaviour.
Operational, but too complex to offer proper support on these terms - please ask!
Fully operational for over three years. This module is a mean and lean XSLT processor.
Discontinued, except for mod_xml_gnome_xslt
Now operational in a limited number of applications. Insufficient end-user feedback to declare full confidence.
Known to work well for Appendix C. SSI appears to work but not well tested.

Other Modules

Jointly developed by WebÞing and We are happy to support this module.
mod_filter, mod_dbd
Developed by WebÞing but now integrated into the core httpd distribution from We are happy to support these modules.
Other modules
We may be happy to support other modules on request. Modules in the apache distribution we have supported in the past include mod_proxy and mod_deflate.