Online validation service available at Page Valet.


mod_validator is an Apache module to validate markup. It now offers a choice of parsers:

  1. OpenSP, the library that powers services such as Page Valet, Code Valet, the WDG Validator and the W3C Validator.
  2. Xerces, the Apache Group's validating XML parser, used for WebÞing's older XML Validation service.

Compared to the W3C Validator it offers several advantages:

As against that, by using XML it introduces an XSLT overhead (the cost of the additional flexibility), no effort has (yet) been made to make it easy to install, there are various things hardcoded in the source that shouldn't be, and the prerequisites are possibly more demanding:


Version 1.1

May 1st. Although there are outstanding feature requests, it is three weeks since the last problem report was fixed. We are declaring this to be the first stable release.

mod_validator source code is available here under the GNU General Public License (GPL).