mod_publisher: installation and setup

mod_publisher is an output filter based on SAX parsing with libxml2. Basic installation and setup is similar to mod_accessibility or mod_proxy_html, although its SAX2 parsing (for namespace support) requires a more recent libxml2 version than the other modules.



The basic prerequisite is libxml2. Most operating systems ship with this installed as standard, but you may have to upgrade to a more recent version from mod_publisher is developed and tested against libxml2 2.6.15. You will of course also need in your apache's modules directory.

LoadFile	/path/to/
LoadModule	publisher_module	modules/


Windows doesn't ship libxml2 as standard, nor does it include all the prerequisites for libxml2. You can download binaries for these from Igor Zlatkovic's site:

LoadFile	/path/to/zlib.dll
LoadFile	/path/to/iconv.dll
LoadFile	/path/to/libxml2.dll
LoadModule	publisher_module	modules/


To activate the processor, simply insert the markup-publisher output filter - e.g. for httpd 2.0

<Location /whatever/>
	AddOutputFilter markup-publisher .html .xhtml .xml .svg .wml

For httpd 2.1 or 2.2 you have the finer control offered by mod_filter. For example:

FilterProvider publish markup-publisher Content-Type $text/html
FilterProvider publish markup-publisher Content-Type /(xml|svg)$/
<Location /whatever/>
	FilterChain	=publish


As soon as you have installed it, you can configure it for your needs. See the configuration guide for details.

Interaction with other modules

mod_publisher may be used to supersede a number of other modules: for example,

mod_xmlns cannot be used with mod_publisher, as they both export the same API for namespace modules. The other content filtering modules can coexist happily with it, but are redundant if mod_publisher is in use. It is recommended that you don't use it together with another parsing filter, as parsing the output twice doubles the processing overhead.