mod_publisher: Server Side Includes

mod_publisher implements Server Side Includes using the same handler code as mod_xhtml, with expression and interpolation code from mod_include. Since server side includes are familiar to users, we will confine our discussion to the differences between this implementation and mod_include, and how SSI processing relates to other processing supported by mod_publisher.

Differences with mod_include

SSI processing in mod_publisher mostly emulates the capabilities of the current mod_include in Apache 2.1.





The three SSI configuration directives set processing defaults that can be overridden in a document by the SSI config directive. They all work as documented under mod_include's config directive.


If SSI comment processing is enabled, comments of the form <!--#directive [args]--> will be processed as SSI. However, this may be overridden if a namespace module implements a different handler for these directives.